The camera has always felt like a cross upon my shoulders. This is why I stopped carrying that contraption with me a while ago. A camera strung across your torso or in your hand is an intention, like a gun. It changes the world around you. Carrying weapons to a war is easier then carrying them to a funeral. A genre of photography has evolved that has decided to re-see instead of seeing. They are opening a purely visual dimension of the craft that exhibits aspects of the world that do not exist. Their images are so ephemeral that they exist only in the visual sphere. This makes them non-existent in our experience because seeing is more about memory than it is about the traces of light on our retina. The photograph is a trace the object leaves upon the film and to someone with a memory it becomes a blueprint to construct an experience. When we hunt for moments in time that no one was privy to we are painting an alien world utterly absent from memory. What makes this class of street photography popular is the battle between the common place and the non-existent. We recognize the objects, but not their place in the photograph.