A List of People

In my journey as an artist, I have drawn inspiration and learned a great deal from some artists. This seems like an appropriate time to list the most prominent of them.


Andreas Gursky

This photographer explored the mystery of scale successfully. His commentary on the craft has given me the most insights into seeing and shaped my development as a maker of images. Here is a short film where he discusses his work.

Hiroshi Sugimoto

I was fortunate enough to witness the work of this Japanese Artist first hand at the Leeum in Seoul. Sugimoto is an artisan par excellence. A simple and profound idea compounded by extraordinary craftsmanship is a feature of his work. Here is his commentary on memory.

Yayoi Kasuma

A Japanese painter whose work is the most intense 'being yourself'.

Sophie Calle

An artist wrote to her saying: " I wish to sleep in your bed". So Sophie Calle sent him her bed by courier. Once the artist was done sleeping in her bed, he sent it back. Thanking her. For a film on her work or interviews just look up youtube.

Anish Kapoor

Sculpture is about Skin and Scale. Skin defines the object and the Scale lends it the Mystery.
— A. Kapoor